Filmmaker/Directing Reel

This is Joel Michalak’s Video Production/Directing Reel.

Most of these are also projects Joel produced, wrote and edited, with a handful of cinematography and acting credits. The music is all composed by Joel Michalak. Each Clip has notations of main roles, but his full executive video production resume for the past 10 years is bellow:

“Table in Latin” – Technical Producer/Co-host

“Vapid Capitalism Media” – Producer/Director/DP/Editor/Sound (Currently in Production/Post Production)

“My Mom’s My Pimp” – Executive Producer (In Post Production)

“I’m a Man” Web Series – Writer/Producer/Director/DP/Editor/Composer/FX/Mixer

“Slipper” – Director

“What You Are” – Director/Line Producer/Editor/Composer

“Grand Romantic Gestures” – Writer/Producer/Director/Co-DP/Editor/
“Falling Flat” – Writer/Producer/Director/Actor/Editor/Composer/Mixer

“Write Like Hemmingway” – Writer/Producer/Director/DP/Actor/Editor

“David McNilly Presents” – Writer/Producer/Director/Actor/Editor/Composer/Mixer

“Ironic Mustache” – Writer/Producer/Director/DP/Editor/Composer/Mixer

“The Rebound” – Writer/Producer/Director/DP/Editor/Composer/Mixer

“Cheap Date” – Writer/Producer/Director/DP/Editor/Composer/Mixer

“The KC Challenge” – Writer/Producer/Director/Actor/Editor/Post Sound Mixer

“Bad Haircut” – Writer/Producer/Director/Actor/Editor/Post Sound Mixer

“Rejected by Kickstarter” – Writer/Producer/Director/Actor/Editor/Post Sound Mixer

“The Other Way Around” – Writer/Producer/Director/DP/Editor/